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re: Application by Ultímate


PERSONAL Information

Name: Maxim Azhogin

Age: 18

Nationality: Sweden


Work / School: School

Children: None

Hobbies: Gym, friends and of course wow :)

Describe your behaviour overall, what kind of PERSON are you?

A really friendly person who likes to help people! This is one of the reasons why i'm applying :)

Is there anything we need to be aware of regarding your PERSONAL life?

I don't think so!



We need to know if you are willing to spend some of your time to improve and help out the guild. The main amount of time spent will be in-game, but you’ll also have to report using our Dropbox files.

How many days a week can you be online in general?

Everyday i would say except if i have a big homework or exams.

How many hours a day will you usually be online?

It depends but can be online around 6 hours a day.

Are there specific days and/or hours you cannot be online?

Sometimes at some points i can be gone for a day. All depends on school.

How long do you intend to stay in the guild / play the game in general?

As long as the guild is alive i'll be here :)



Why do you want to join our OFFICER Team and what can you provide the guild and the team?

I can be a good friend as well as a good teacher! If someone doesn't know a location or anything else that they need help with i'm always there to help! Never ignoring.

We are looking for people who are dedicated to the guild and intend to help us improve it: someone who wants this guild to be a better place for anyone in it. Are you such PERSON? How do you intend to improve this guild?

I'm such person in fact that i would make everything that is possible to make the guild better. I would try to make the environment much better and help everyone that needs help.

What is your opinion on how a guild should be? Do you think the guild’s current policies are upright or would you rather want to change some of our objectives? Please tell us what you would like to change and provide an explanation (what are your ideas / visions).

Well, the guild is very good at the moment and doesn't need any changes in my opinion but the help need to be increased by the Officers and i'm always there to help!

What is your previous experience on dealing with authority, both in-game or In Real Life? Please provide examples and an explanation. 

What's your opinion on what an OFFICER should be like?

A very positive and helpful player as well as being a very good friend to the guild members. Not being rude and ignoring people who need help even if the questions is too simple.


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