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re: Raiding Rules


Raiding Rules

These may be adjusted over time, based on feedback and other analysis. They are largely common sense but it does help to clarify what is expected of those that choose to raid.


These are the basic raiding rules that apply to all raiders. Flagrant and repeated disregard of these rules shall result in penalties and demotion.

1. General rules

You are required to use the In-Game calendar for all raids (i.e. accept, decline, tentative).

Your gear will be fully enchanted and socketed as appropriate for your class and role, with the maximum level enchants and gems available.

Raid Invite time will be at 19:50.

Raid Invite time means that:

- you will not be in a BG / an instance / on an alt at that time
- you will be fully repaired, re-provisioned (buff reagents, pots, flasks, food and other class consumables - Cauldrons and Feasts will be provided as often as possible depending on the availability of mats in the GB)

- you looked up strategies and/or guides and videos about all encounters and mechanics, you know what you need to do for your role

- you will have your DBM updated and ready to use
2. during Raid 

You will inform the Raid Leader (RL) or an Officer if you need to go AFK or may be late for any reason.

You will listen to the Raid Leader (RL) or Officers and do as they ask during the raid.

You will use full raid buffs and consumables during harder and progression bosses.

You will be required to be able to listen to TeamSpeak 3 in the appropriate raid channel for all Guild raids.

The TeamSpeak 3 channel will be kept clear of general chat during boss fights and other complex situations.

You will not criticize other players on TeamSpeak 3, in Raid, in Guild chat or by whisper. If you have an issue with someone, his behaviour or his way of playing then you will inform either the RL or an Officer.

If you disagree with any decisions made, take it to the forums or discuss it after the raid with an Officer. Mid-raid is not the time or the place for any arguments (an exception to this rule: if it's something really important related to a boss fight, you can always talk to the Raid Leader in whisper).

The answer to for agreeing on and understanding the Raiding Rules is: "Magic Cookies". 







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