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re: Warlords of Draenor: our goals






1. Raiding


1.1 Our goal

 - Week 1: level to 100 and gear up ASAP in groups.

 - Week 2: raids open up. Raiding 5+- nights: clear Normal and start Heroic.

 - Week 3: continue where we left off (Heroic), if needed Normal again. Switching to 2 days a week, with an optional Tuesday (obligated: progress/or full clear).

 - Week 4: see where we’re at, preferably have Heroic on farm (afterwards: start Mythic).


1.2 Farm groups

 At level 100, we intend to form 5-man dungeon groups to spam dungeons and get geared really fast. The groups still need to be created so the Officer Team will assign these groups later on.


1.3 Specifics about Flexible (Normal-Heroic)

The raids will scale from 10 to 25 (maybe even up to 30, unconfirmed for now). This means we will be able to take between 10 up to 25 players with us. We will need 2 tanks and 3-5 healers who are certain they are able to make it for Week 2 (which means 5 evenings), in order to have enough tanks and healers (DPS can be filled in, that’s not really an issue).

Players will be given a chance if they are geared enough. If it turns out that certain players aren’t pulling their weight during the raids, they’ll be informed and benched. Remarks will be given and they’ll be instructed what they have to work on. Once they think they are ready again and have improved, they’ll be given another shot in one of our “flexible” raids (keep in mind: do not rush it, rather wait some time until you’ve fully improved, as when you inform us that you are ready and it turns out you didn’t improve at all, this will cause negative results for your future role in any of our teams).


1.4 Specifics about Mythic (20 man)

The raids won’t scale, they’ll be “fixed”: 20 players. This means we’ll need a certain number of roles (e.g. 2 tanks, 4-6 healers – depending on certain intense healing fights – , 12-14 DPS).

Players will be tested during Flexible runs (see above). Here will be determined how players are performing during the raids and they’ll be informed about how to improve (see above, again).

To form our 20-man Mythic Team, we’ll make use of the same criteria as our regular “Raiding Criteria”, found in “Raiding Changes” on the “Guild Structure” forums.


1.5 Specifics about Feedback

As stated above, the Officer Team will fulfil an important role in providing feedback to other players. We are planning to assign “Role Leaders”. These players will provide others advice on how to improve. These “Role Leaders” will, as the name states, be based on the different roles. Therefore we’ll have four sorts of “Role Leaders”: Healer, Tank, MDPS and RDPS. We might look into the possibilities of assigning “Class Leaders”, but this will be determined by how rapidly the guild and raiding teams keep expanding. For the time being, we prefer to only assign “Role Leaders”.

Another adjustment we made is to keep track of every raider and their growth. We’ll be keeping logs on how they improve and on how they perform. In order to accomplish this, we have assigned some Officers to create files about the complete raiding team. This way they’ll provide feedback on how that player performed during the raid(s) (e.g. failed on movement, low damage output, failed to listen repeatedly, etc.).

We think of these changes as “necessary” in order for the guild, and more specifically the raiding teams, to succeed.


1.6 Specifics about Raid Teams

In case you are wondering what will happen to the players who didn’t get into the 1st raiding team: we will be creating more than one team. Keep in mind that players have different sort of interests: Team 1 will be completely progress-minded, no relaxed or social raiding at all. That’s why we intend to create multiple raiding teams and increase the amount of raiding teams as long as there is a demand for it. One of our ideal situation would be:


- Team 1: Normal/HC at start, then going Mythic – progress-minded and more hardcore

- Team 2: Starting a few weeks later on in the expansion, for players who needed more time to level (Mythic) – progress-minded combined, but more laidback than Team 1, semi-hardcore

- Team 3: When the demand is high for another raiding team which is going Normal and HC(eventually Mythic too).

- Team 4: Team which starts late with raiding, doesn’t focus on Mythic. – laidback and relaxed raiding mentality which focuses on clearing some bosses.

- Team 5: A casual raiding team (flexible hours, no attendance required, etc.)


1.8 Specifics about Videos

As announced before: we are going to record our fights in WoD. These fights will be recorded by a tank, a healer, a MDPS and a RDPS. This way we can make a video from four different points of view and afterwards edit it into one. New raiders will have the opportunity to watch our kills to improve their raiding skills.

These videos will be posted on our YouTube Channel.


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