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Raiding is an essential part of our Guild. Therefore we need to ensure our raiders’ satisfaction. This topic’s purpose is principally to describe our current raiding structure, raiding rules and in detail: everything related to raiding in our Guild.


A. Overall

Every Guild needs to figure out and construct their own ideal mechanics. There isn’t just one perfect situation. It all depends on what you want to achieve, who your players are and what the Guild is like.

In the sections below you’ll find some more detailed information.


B. Raiding Rank

Due to experiencing a lot of inconveniences regarding the raiding rank, we decided to set up some ground rules.

The rank “raider” isn’t just for anyone. It’s not because you actually join one or multiple raids, that you are getting promoted to “raider”.

More information about how to obtain and maintain the rank “raider”:

Always attend to raids, every obligated day (unless legitimate excuse)

Always show up prepared

X Look up tactics: have knowledge of your role, class and such

X Have flasks, food, repaired, bonus rolls and other necessities

Behave well during raids

X Be silent when told to

X Do as instructed by the Raid Leader and Raid Assistants

X Don’t assault or insult other raiders (see Raiding Rules)

X Accept criticism and feedback from Raid Leader and Raid Assistants

Perform well during raids

X Mouvement

X Output

X Raid-awareness

Prove yourself while being a non-raider

X Be standby (actually be on line)

X Be patient (as there is no point in having someone who isn’t a Team Player)

Read the Raiding Rules, understand them and follow them

Using the Guild Repairs for repairs regarding raiding only


More information about the promotion process:

First of all, as mentioned above, in order to become the rank “raider”, you need to be all of the above. Failing to one of the above requirements, makes a promotion impossible for the time being (players will get feedback on what to improve and will get another evaluation after some time, depending on their progress).

Then, when someone has proven himself worthy of the rank “raider”, he/she will be promoted to this rank.

Keep in mind, it isn’t because one has been promoted to raider, that he/she cannot be demoted again. When this player fails to keep up with the above requirements, his rank might be reviewed by the Guild Council.


 C. Raiding Repairs

The Guild Repairs have been a well-discussed topic for some time now. Some say that everyone should have repairs, others say that only those who actually put something into the Guild Bank should have repairs and some others say that only actual raiders be allowed to repair.

In Warlords of Draenor, the Guild Perk “cash flow” is removed. This results in the Guild Bank not receiving any gold from regular activities anymore, which again results in the Guild not being able to fund any regular repairs.

This made us decide that only the rank “raider” is allowed to repair from the Guild Bank, but not unlimited. There will be a set amount a raider can repair each day, but the raider is only allowed to use this on actual raiding days. Due to in the past coming to the conclusion that raiders use their rank to repair their full amount every day, also on non-raiding days and this then resulted in the maximum repairs being reduced, as players were abusing them.

In order to ensure stable and actual working Guild repairs we are implementing the following system:

The rank “raider” is allowed to repair on actual Raiding Days. There will be a high set amount for these repairs, to cover almost the entire raiding cost for raiders.

If a “raider” starts repairing on non-raiding days, this player will get a warning. If he keeps on doing it, he’ll be demoted.

This is the only option to ensure that raiders can fully repair from the Guild Bank on Raiding Days.


D. Strategies and Tactics

The strategies for all boss fights will be announced on the website and will most often be written down (e.g. for each role and/or class a separate section). Links to forums, guides and videos will be provided. This means that each raider is obligated to read these strategies on the website and go to the provided links to improve and to be prepared for the new raids, bosses and mechanics.


E. Loot


We are primarily using the loot system “/roll”. It’s an easy-to-use and unsophisticated loot method which everyone understands. As this system led to some issues before, we decided to implement some more structures below.

Loot Council

In general, when two raiders “/roll” for the same items, it’ll go to the highest roller. However, if it turns out that one raider only receives a benefit of e.g. a few ilevels, versus the other raider receiving a benefit of 20 ilevels, we may ask the Loot Council about it. Keep in mind that we are only going to make such decisions when there is a major difference. If the difference is minor or rather similar, we will still use “/roll” instead.


Tier items and other important upgrades (such as Best in Slot items) will generally not be affected by the Loot Council.

Rank Hierarchy

In general, a raider should have priority over a member when it comes to loot, as this raider is already a part of the Team while the member is still temporarily. This applies to both rather major upgrades as to minor upgrades, regarding a so called “…-forged” item.

Not only will this sort the issue that main raiders lose their loot to new members, but it’ll also assure us that when a new player joins one of our Raiding Teams, they cannot take loot and run off with it.

BoE items

Bind on Equip items will be implemented in raids again. Such drops are going be sold to fund our repairs. Raiders can buy the BoE items for a discount price.


F. Class Leader and Role Leaders

To provide optimal feedback for raiders, we implemented “Role Leaders” and “Class Leaders”. As it states, “Role Leaders” are obviously for a certain role, specifically for matters regarding strategies and specific role issues. “Class Leaders” are for matters regarding class problems.

Players interested in being a “Role Leader” or “Class Leader” will have to apply to the Quality Department.


G. Raiding Structure


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