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re: Our Goal


Our Goal

Our goal is to create “The First Guild” with an in-depth structure which provides something for every player, no matter what his/her interests are. It’ll be an enormous Guild, with processes and systems which no person has ever seen before in the current World of Warcraft universe.

This Guild will be led by an unlimited amount of people, all participating in improving this Guild and providing the Guild Members something worth fighting for.

In order to achieve this, there’s a lot of work to be done. As we cannot force one to spend too much time on “working for the guild’, we created a “Division of Labour”. This “Division of Labour” allows us to divide the huge amount of work amongst an even huger amount of people, eventually resulting in everyone having smaller and less time-consuming tasks.


Division of Labour

We divided the Guild in 9 different Departments with Officers and Supervisors in each of them. These players will focus on their own Department. The principal idea is the following:

Supervisor reports conflicts with a member, using Dropbox, to his supervising Officer (in a specific Department). The Officer needs to decide which reports are important enough to be brought to the Officer Team.

Each Department will be led by one or more Officers. Each Department can have 
Supervisors, but Supervisors will be mostly positioned in the following Departments:

Human Resources

Solving conflicts in the Guild

Reporting these conflicts to the supervising Officer


PvE        -> Raid Leaders

PvP        -> PvP Leaders

Social    -> 7 Days a Week system

It’s basically a system where you’ve got a minimum of at least 7 Supervisors, each organizing at least 1 weekly event. This results in having an event
 every day of the week. The Supervisors can decide themselves what sort of event they want to organize.


C. Logistics

Recruiting players

Informing members about Guild activities, Guild news and Guild recruitment

Being a go-to person when players need information about certain events and/or Teams

D. Quality

      As Role Leaders and Class Leaders.





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