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In-Game Lowest Rank 10

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re: Guild Ranks



Guild Master 

It’s the Guild Master’s job to make sure everything works out in the Guild. He needs to determine the Guild’s goals and objectives. He assigns the Officer Team and the Supervisor Team.



Officers represent the Guild Master in certain aspects of the Guild, which the Guild Master doesn’t have to take care off. Obviously, they also lead in his absence. They are his eyes and ears and report to him about important Guild matters.


Being promoted to Officer can only be achieved over time and by being one of the Guild’s main assets. You have to be a supervisor for some time first and prove yourself worthy of the rank, before you can apply.


Officer Alt 

These are the Alts of both the Guild Master and the Officers.



A supervisor can be seen as a “Lower Officer”. Supervisors are crucial for the Guild, without them, the Guild would collapse. There various Supervisor roles, ranging from Interaction with players, organizing and leading events to objectives rather “behind the scenes”, such as maintaining the Website, developing new processes for the Guild and whatnot.

Being promoted to Officer can only be achieved by applying on the Forums, for a specific role and/or Department.


Supervisor Alt 

These are the Alts of Supervisors.



A raider is a dedicated player in one of our Raiding Teams. He/she has proven worthy of the Rank. It’s someone who lives by the Raiding Rules, shows excellent behaviour throughout raids and performs really well (for more information on what the criteria are, check out the Forums). Obtaining this rank, allows you to have some benefits: full raid repairs on Raiding Days, access to the Raiding Tab in the Guild Bank and more.


Trial Raider 

A trial raider is someone who wants to be a raider. However, in order to become a raider, you need to have been raiding for several weeks and you have to meet the requirements. Keep in mind: you might have been raiding for a long time, if you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t be promoted to Raider.



A PvPer is someone who is actively PvPing in the Guild.



A member is someone who is in the Guild for social reasons.



These are the alts of Raiders, Trial Raiders, PvPers and Members.




We are currently using a system of penalties. If any of the above ranks fails to meet the requirements, regarding his/her role, this player receives a penalty. Three penalties result in a demotion. More information about the requirements for each rank can be found on the Forums.


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